Academy Transformation Trust’s Curriculum Aims:

The Trust believes in the following curriculum values:

  • A first-class ATT educational entitlement is delivered by nurturing a relevant, engaging and all-inclusive curriculum which has learners’ needs at its heart.
  • All learners are entitled to an exciting, empowering and inspiring curriculum, which adds meaning to their lives and challenges appropriately.
  • A broad, balanced and responsive curriculum will enable learners to be effective members of society.
  • We will support our academies to stimulate the multiple intelligences, be they intellectual, emotional or social, of all learners regardless of their starting points.
  • We will encourage independence and the development of individual interests and talents.
  • Successful achievement in digital literacy, literacy and numeracy is the foundation of an effective curriculum.

The Trust believes that there is no one-size fits all with regard to curriculum design and delivery as academies must put in place an innovative curriculum which best meets learners’ needs. However, ATT expects the curriculum in all academies to contain the following hallmarks of a world class curriculum.

Bristnall Hall Academy’s Curriculum Aims:

Our curriculum is inclusive; it serves the needs of every young person. Moreover, we are a family: a caring community of stakeholders who support and work collaboratively in the best interests of every young person. Thus, our curriculum is in response to and informed by the needs of our community. As such, we will never shy away from inclusion; learning about diversity and equality is every young person’s right.

To fulfil this commitment we ensure that we have a comprehensive people development offer that builds capacity for staff to commit to and build pedagogic and knowledge development that is informed by and responds to the needs of our young people. First class training and development opportunities are built into and are the cornerstones of our curriculum- to ensure that all staff have the skills and knowledge to secure excellent outcomes for all.

We are relentlessly passionate about removing barriers to education; nurturing the independence and resilience that is necessary to thrive in life is our passion and moral obligation.  Furthermore, we strive to develop resilience to empower our young people in overcoming barriers themselves too. Regardless of starting points, we want our learners to achieve and, through the promotion of our growth mindset learning expositions, we see the dedication and hard work of everyone displayed in our excellent outcomes.

Our curriculum is ruthlessly ambitious for all our young people. We are an academy that uses its curriculum as a vehicle to promote social growth and instil in our young people that education benefits the whole community. We offer a broad range of subjects throughout our key stages and we are also proud of our success so far in ensuring learners can study the EBacc suite of subjects. Our approach demonstrates our ambition for academic excellence for our young people and provides them with greater opportunities in further education and future careers. This is not a bolt on to our curriculum offer. Building ambitions beyond life at Bristnall Hall Academy, we use our curriculum as a platform to build and fuel the highest aspirations in all our young people.

Our Bristnall Hall Academy key attributes:

  • Risk takers
  • Resilient
  • Flexible and solution focused
  • Engaged
  • Relentless
  • Determined
  • Seekers of new knowledge and deeper understanding
  • Excellent communicators
  • Curious
  • Proud

Through the implementation of the curriculum, teachers will create opportunities for learners to develop and nurture these key attributes. At Bristnall Hall Academy we resolutely believe that these are the qualities of a well-rounded citizen and a successful learner. Each quality is broken down by key learning dispositions that are displayed around the academy and used by teachers and students to discuss, signpost and role model expected learning behaviours.

Details of the academies curriculum and a list of courses available to students in Key Stage 4, including GCSEs (if applicable) can be found with out Curriculum Policy.

If you wish to find out more details about our curriculum, please contact the academy on