Academy Transformation Trust’s Curriculum Aims:

The Trust believes in the following curriculum values:

  • A first-class ATT educational entitlement is delivered by nurturing a relevant, engaging and all-inclusive curriculum which has learners’ needs at its heart.
  • All learners are entitled to an exciting, empowering and inspiring curriculum, which adds meaning to their lives and challenges appropriately.
  • A broad, balanced and responsive curriculum will enable learners to be effective members of society.
  • We will support our academies to stimulate the multiple intelligences, be they intellectual, emotional or social, of all learners regardless of their starting points.
  • We will encourage independence and the development of individual interests and talents.
  • Successful achievement in digital literacy, literacy and numeracy is the foundation of an effective curriculum.

The Trust believes that there is no one-size fits all with regard to curriculum design and delivery as academies must put in place an innovative curriculum which best meets learners’ needs. However, ATT expects the curriculum in all academies to contain the following hallmarks of a world class curriculum.

Bristnall Hall Academy’s Curriculum Intent:

At Bristnall Hall Academy, we are a family of supportive, caring and ambitious stakeholders who work collaboratively to ensure that every young person develops personal qualities that will help them leave
the academy as successful rounded individuals equipped for a life beyond Bristnall. This is achieved through the delivery of a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of every
young person regardless of their starting points, background or special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). Our curriculum is ambitious and allows students to access to the best possible knowledge across their subjects. We ensure we sequence our curriculum carefully to promote positive progress, building on knowledge from primary school and rigorously activating prior knowledge as an integral part of every lesson. First class training and people development opportunities underpin this philosophy to ensure all staff have the skills and knowledge to secure excellent outcomes for all our learners. We have a relentless focus on removing barriers to education to future employment; focusing on developing oracy, literacy and numeracy throughout students’ time at the academy. Students read widely and we encourage this through our Teacher Reads Aloud Programme (TRAP) during form time.

As part of our commitment to develop the character of students and ensure they have the highest moral standards we have a set of values that form the basis of day-to-day life at the academy: Proud, Resilient, Articulate, Creative, Curious and Adventurous. This endeavour is further supported by an extensive, rich extra-curricular offer which all students are encouraged to attend covering activities from Debate Club to STEM Club and sports clubs to Police Cadets. Our nationally recognised careers programme is well integrated so that all students, from year 7 to 11 get access to the best possible careers advice and opportunities.

The outstanding pastoral care we offer including, dedicated non-teaching Achievement Coordinators and qualified mental health champions ensures students are well supported and flourish through their
curriculum journey here at Bristnall Hall.

Details of the academies curriculum and a list of courses available to students in Key Stage 4, including GCSEs (if applicable) can be found within our Curriculum Policy

If you wish to find out more details about our curriculum, please contact the academy on