July 2021

Year 11 GCSE Results Day and Appeals Process

Dear students and parents/carers,

You will be aware that, in line with our centre policy https://www.bristnallhallacademy.attrust.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2021/06/Summer-2021-JCQ-Guidance-Centre-policy-BHA-Version-FINAL.docx, we have submitted the teacher assessed grades for public examination groups this summer to our exam boards.

I am writing now to give you more information about results day and our processes for conducting appeals. I am confident that our open approach to communication throughout the last few months with students will result in very few of you feeling the need to appeal, but it is important that we have systems in place nevertheless.

Results days

GCSE results day is Thursday 12th August 2021

On results day, please arrive at the Sports Hall no earlier than 9am and no later than 11am. You will then be invited in to collect your results. If you wish another person to collect your certificates on your behalf, you must provide us with a letter of authorisation; this letter must state the name of the person collecting them and their relationship to you. You must print and sign your name and date it.

Your child should not attend the academy if they or any member of your household are displaying one or more symptoms of covid-19 or are required to isolate at the time on the instruction of Track and Trace.


As you know, we have conducted a thorough a robust process in order to arrive at the grades we have submitted – both our procedures and our judgments have been subjected to significant moderation and scrutiny, so we are confident that there should be few, if any, surprises on results days.

Nevertheless, our approach to managing appeals will be in line with the guidance issued by the Joint Council on Qualifications which you can read in full here. The appeals process is the only means by which you can register a concern about any of your grades.

There are two stages of appeal:

  • Stage 1 – a centre review, where you ask us to consider whether there may have been any administrative or procedural errors in how we managed the process
  • Stage 2 – an exam board review, where, if you are not satisfied with our response at stage 1, you can ask us to submit an appeal to the exam board, either on the basis of administrative or procedural error or because you believe we have made the wrong academic judgment in respect of your results.

There are also two types of appeal:

  • ‘Priority’ appeal – which is for A-level and level 3 students only whose results mean that they will not obtain their firm offer of a place in Higher Education
  • ‘Non-priority’ appeal – which is for all other students.

As we do not have any A-Level students at Bristnall Hall Academy, only ‘Non-Priority’ appeals will apply here.

If you wish to log a ‘non-priority appeal’ you must log a request for a centre review by no later than Friday 3 September – we will ensure you have the results of that review by Friday 10 September so that you can then let us know if you wish to request an exam board review, which must be done by not later than Friday 17 September.

We will respond to any feedback from exam boards as a result of stage 2 appeals within ten working days, subject to the availability of relevant staff.

All appeals must be logged by completing the relevant part of the form which is available here and submitting this in good time to gcseresults2021@bha.attrust.org.uk. If you are unable to email the appeal, then please post into the academy to Mr Grainger, Assistant Principal, Bristnall Hall Academy, Bristnall Hall Lane, B68 9PA

It is important that I let you know three things in particular about this year’s appeals process:

  1. The outcome of an appeal may be that your grade is raised, but it may equally mean that your grade stays the same or is even lowered, as the review at each stage will be very thorough.
  2. It is possible that the appeals process will cause the grades of other students to need to be reviewed as well (for example, if there is a procedural error identified which affects a whole group) – if this is the case we will of course ensure that all those affected are informed immediately.
  3. The full guidance is very clear about the depth of the process for conducting reviews where an appeal is based on the belief that the academic decision is wrong – it is likely that there will be a very high bar set for any appeals in this regard.

A Summary of the process described above and a copy of this letter can be found on our website here: https://www.bristnallhallacademy.attrust.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2021/06/Summary-of-TAG-Appeal-process.docxhttps://www.bristnallhallacademy.attrust.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2021/06/Summer-2021-JCQ-Guidance-Centre-policy-BHA-Version-FINAL.docx

As ever, we are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of all our students this summer, but if you have any questions in regard to anything in this letter, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Grainger                                       Mr K Uppal

Assistant Principal                             Principal        


These results demonstrate success for the fifth consecutive year and once again reinforce Bristnall Hall Academy’s outstanding performance. Attainment of the highest grades was particularly impressive, with several pupils achieving Grade 9 and Grade 8 passes in English, Mathematics and other Ebacc subjects. As a ‘SSAT Leading Edge’ school, Bristnall Hall Academy has successfully embedded the new, more challenging GCSE examinations across its entire curriculum offer. This has helped to ensure that students have been highly successful in their studies, regardless of background or ability, making exceptional progress as a result.

Amongst the numerous Bristnall Hall Academy students who are celebrating their success are Ellie Sheward, Callum Esprey, Brayden Birch, Francesca Barker and Lillie-Mae Clewer. These students achieved numerous top grades, positioning them amongst the top performing students nationally.

Mr Kully Uppal, Principal at Bristnall Hall Academy commented: “Students from our academy have achieved another excellent set of results and this success sustains the year on year rapid improvement and high performance at our academy. I am particularly impressed with these exceptional outcomes given the increased level of challenge in GCSE examinations. These outstanding results will enable our students to access exciting opportunities in further education, training and employment within our local region and beyond.”

Mr Vince Green, Executive Principal, commented: “I am delighted to see a record breaking set of GCSE results at Bristnall Hall Academy. We always go into each examination results season expecting students at the academy to make excellent levels of progress. This is testimony to their hard work, and to the dedication of the outstanding team of staff that work there. Congratulations to all of our young people on their achievements.

The video explains the new GCSE grading system.


The link to our performance tables as Bristnall Hall Academy:


Compare School Results

You can search for primary, secondary and special needs schools and colleges near you, and check their performance at the following link:


Headline Measures  – Results Summer 2019

Progress 8 0.44
Attainment 8 45.97
English element 9.49
Maths element 8.21
Ebacc element 12.70
Open element 15.57

Basics (% 9-4)

English Lang and Lit 74%
Maths 64%
Basics (English & Maths) 59%

Basics (% 9-5)

English Lang and Lit 55%
Maths 47%
Basics (English & Maths) 37%


% Pupils achieving grade 9-4 91%
% Pupils achieving grade 9-5 78%

Headline Measures – 3 Year Trend

Progress 8 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
0.40 0.18 0.44


2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
Attainment 8 45.80 43.28 45.97
English element 9.54 8.77 9.49
Maths element 8.25 7.68 8.21
Ebacc element 11.58 11.80 12.70
Open element 16.43 15.03 15.57

Basics (% 9-4)

2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
English Lang and Lit 76% 62% 74%
Maths 63% 57% 64%
Basics (English & Maths) 56% 51% 59%


Basics (% 9-5)

2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
English Lang and Lit 54% 48% 55%
Maths 43% 37% 47%
Basics (English & Maths) 37% 33% 37%


Percentage of students entered for Ebacc 55%
Percentage of students achieving grade 4+ across the Ebacc suite of subjects 31%


This is for pupils who finished year 11 two years before the year of publication. For example, the 2019 table shows pupils who finished year 11 in 2017, which is the most recent data currently available. This figure covers any sustained education or employment destination.

Percentage of students who either stayed in education or went into employment after year 11 92%