Principal – Mr K Uppal

Mr Uppal is responsible for the strategic direction of the academy, focused on ensuring that all students reach their full potential both academically and personally. Mr Uppal is also an outstanding teacher of English.

Vice Principal – Ms L Baker

Ms Baker oversees the teaching and learning aspect of Quality of Education within the academy. She is also further developing our strong Literacy and Numeracy standards. Ms Baker is an outstanding teacher of English.

Vice Principal – Miss L Pritchard

Miss Pritchard focuses on sustained improvement across the academy to ensure that all of our students make fantastic progress and development. She is also an outstanding teacher of English.

Assistant Principal – Mr I Jones

Behaviour and Attitudes

Mr Jones oversees behaviour and attitudes in the academy and has overseen the significant improvements made in these areas in recent years. He is also responsible for the promotion outstanding attendance, which has also seen continuing improvements each year. Mr Jones is an outstanding teacher of PE and Mathematics.

Assistant Principal – Mr J Grainger

Quality of Education

Mr Grainger is responsible for securing excellent Outcomes for all students at Bristnall Hall Academy. He oversees the interventions and support that have led to so many students making outstanding levels of progress, as well as our Options programme.  He is also responsible for assessment recording and reporting at the academy. Mr Grainger is an outstanding teacher of Science.

Assistant Principal / Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs A Jackson

Mrs Jackson is our Designated Safeguarding Lead and Lead of our team of Achievement Coordinators to support our young people in terms of academic progress, attendance and behaviour. She manages our Student Success Centre which gives students an outstanding level of care and support as well as leading pour PSHE and Careers Education programmes. Mrs Jackson is an outstanding welfare practitioner and is the Achievement Coordinator for Year 11.

SENCO – Mr G Whall

Mr Whall is our SEND Coordinator (SENCO). The support team he leads provide our young people with a level of support and guidance in and out of lessons that is second to none. Mr Whall works with colleagues, parents, carers and outside agencies.

Regional Educational Director (Secondary West)  – Mr D Trimmer

Director of ATT Institute / People Development Lead – Miss A Bayford

Miss Bayford oversees the people development of our outstanding team of teaching and support staff within the academy. Miss Bayford is an outstanding teacher of English who also leads on people development across the Academy Transformation Trust as Director of the ATT Institute.

Academy Transformation Trust Chief Executive Officer – Mrs D Clinton

Academy Transformation Trust Chairman of the Board of Trustees – Mr B Dickinson