Enrichment at Bristnall Hall Academy 

 At Bristnall Hall Academy we offer an extensive enrichment programme that encourages children to develop outside the classroom as well as in. The clubs are central to the ethos of the academy and give pupils the opportunity to develop their talents further as well as to try new activities. The academy offers enrichment clubs linked to all curriculum areas and use pupil and parent voice to continually improve our offer.  

Within our enrichment programme we also encourage pupils to work toward meeting the enrichment diploma- an award to show dedication to personal development through enrichment.  

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The BHA Enrichment Diploma 

 At Bristnall Hall Academy all enrichment clubs will be split into three categories:   Academic / Creative / Physical  

The Enrichment Diploma is an annual award given to any pupil who attends a minimum of one club in each of the three categories across the academic year. 

 Why do we have it? 

It is an award which is designed to encourage pupils to sign-up and experience clubs that you may never have tried before. While we still want pupils to sign-up for clubs that they are passionate about and interested in, we also want to encourage you to broaden your horizons and try something new each term. 

The Enrichment Diploma requires resilience and dedication to meet so it shows that you are making a commitment to our academy enrichment program.  

 How do you achieve it? 

To achieve the award pupils must attend a club from each category for a minimum of one whole term. They must have 100% attendance to those clubs (unless they have a valid reason – eg a medical appointment or valid absence). 

 The reward for successfully completing the BHA Enrichment Diploma will be: 

  • A day off timetable for an enrichment trip in September. 
  • Whole school recognition in the end of year assembly. 
  • A BHA enrichment diploma badge to reward your dedication to enrichment. 

 Example: Term 1 Year 7 Offer 

Academic  Creative  Physical 
Reading Club   Creative writing club  Boys / Girls Football 
Code Robotics  Dungeons and Dragons board game club       Contemporary dance club 
Learn German Club  Cyber Explorers  Girls Dodgeball  
History Quiz Club  Future Chef club  Street dance 
English Monsters and Heroes  Debate Mate  Chess Club 
Homework Club  Maths puzzle club  Boys/ Girls Basketball 
The Nightmare Horror Reading Club  Foreign Film Club  Girls Fitness Club 
Book vs. Film Reading Club  Art Club (Lunchtime)  Basketball/ Table Tennis (Lunchtime club) 
English Intervention  Vocal Group (Lunchtime)   
Maths Challenge Club  Keyboard Club (Lunchtime)   
Society Club     
Science club