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Pupil Premium is funding that the academy receives directly from central government. This funding is to be used by schools in a variety of ways to raise achievement levels for identified students from the most economically disadvantaged backgrounds by addressing underlying inequalities.


The aim of Pupil Premium is to diminish the difference between the attainment and progress of the identified students and all other students nationally.

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Bristnall Hall Academy has been successful in recent years in diminishing the difference between the performance of Pupil Premium students and others. Our strategy for spending is reviewed termly but we continue to use those strategies that have clear measured impact, hence several strategies adopted this year are those that had most impact in the previous academic year.  The next formal review date is 8th September 2018.


Pupil Premium Funded Activities 2017 – 2018

Activity Cost
Smaller class sizes/Lead Practitioners, Improving teaching & learning in English, Mathematics, Science, Languages and Humanities. Access to the very best teachers proved to raise achievement levels. £150,000
English 1 to 1 provision/tutorials for identified students. £15,000
Mathematics 1 to 1 provision/tutorials for identified students.
Science 1 to 1 provision/tutorials for identified students.
MFL 1 to 1 provision/tutorials for identified students.
Humanities 1 to 1 provision/tutorials for identified students.
Literacy. Accelerated Reader programme and support to raise reading levels of students. £12,000
Numeracy support to bring skills up to level of peers. £5000
Residential Support MFL trip to support achievement and give students equal rights of access to enrichment opportunities. £1000
Residential Support Humanities to support achievement and give students equal rights of access to enrichment opportunities. £1000
Academic Coaches to mentor and academically support identified students to make accelerated progress to close attainment gaps with non-disadvantaged peers from Key Stage 2. £81,000
Achievement Evenings and Revision Resources for Key Stage 4 to give all students equal access to revision materials and support and to improve collaboration between home and academy. £4000
Intervention Support for students not on track to achieve targets across range of subjects. £20,000
Revision activities to support students in assessments and examinations to support disadvantaged students in diminishing the difference. £20,000
Transition Summer school for PP Students Year 6 and Year 7 £15,000




1:1 Counselling Success Centre to support vulnerable students so that issues around home circumstances or Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) do not hinder progress in academy. £3000
Home Academy Attendance Officer Support to raise attendance and lower persistent absence of staffing disadvantaged students. Increased staffing to address this. £17250
Counselling service for students (Murray Hall) to further support as above as demand increasing . £4000




Attendance Incentives to raise attendance and lower persistent absenteeism. £3000
Duke of Edinburgh Scheme to give all students equal access to this enrichment and skills development opportunity. £3000
Design and Technology disadvantage fund to give all equal opportunities around practical work. £3000
Music Tuition disadvantage fund to give equal opportunities to all in order to develop skills outside of the classroom and contribute to broad array of performing opportunities in academy £3000
Hardship Fund to support students and families with being able to access academy and meet our high standards. £6000
Breakfast Club to give every student access to a breakfast every day free of charge. This is made possible for this cost due to the generosity of Warburton’s who provide free produce weekly to BHA students £3000
Total estimated spend £369, 750

We focus on these areas of spending as the main barriers to the achievement of disadvantaged students are:

  • Poor attendance leading to low achievement
  • Weak literacy and numeracy skills leading to under achievement
  • Low starting points from Key Stage 2 making it more challenging for Pupil Premium students to diminish the difference with other students nationally
  • Lack of enrichment activities to inspire them, including residentials
  • No access to 1 to 1 or small group tutoring to work on diagnosed weaknesses in subjects
  • Poor quality teaching in large teaching groups
  • Social, emotional, mental health issues impacting on levels of progress and well being

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