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Bristnall Hall Academy, Bristnall Hall Lane, Oldbury, West Midlands, B68 9PA

Area Leader: Miss M Taylor

Performing Arts enables students to succeed and develop self-esteem and encourages respect for other students’ contributions. It helps develops an understanding of the artistic and performance process through: responding, developing, performing and evaluating. Performing Arts encourages collaborative and cooperative working methods and helps to develop creativity in individuals.

Spiritual Many texts studied in Performing Arts raise questions and promote pupils to think about the spiritual context and allows pupils to investigate issues they may not normally come in contact with.

Moral Pupils learn to develop a sense of purpose in Performing Arts by investigating their own skills, including their strengths and weaknesses and how to develop and extend these skills.

Social In Performing Arts group work is readily encouraged and provides a substantial amount of the classroom based teaching. In this, pupils discuss, plan and share ideas regarding their performances. Many of the performances involve groups of pupils both performing and providing an audience.


Cultural Many performances embrace cultural diversity, and teach pupils about traditions and beliefs from around the world. This is specifically seen within musical and dance genres.

MORE ABLE PUPILS Talented performers are nurtured and challenged at Bristnall Hall Academy. In addition to their Performing Arts lessons, pupils are given the opportunity to attend the variety of extra-curricular clubs offered at BHA, such as Dance, Drama, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Unfold Dance Company. More able performers are encouraged to perform in the Dance Showcase and Dance Extravaganza.


Year 7

Students look at the introduction to dance and drama; this will include basic skills and techniques such as: the 5 basic dance actions, role play, voice projection and performance. Later in the year they will also start to look at scripted work. Students also gain experience of dance from different cultures including Bhangra.


Year 8

The students revisit and develop their basic skills and techniques from Year 7; this will include: character development, tableau and freeze frame moments. Students will also gain experience of historical dance styles to include the Lindy Hop.


Year 9

Greater emphasis is placed on characterisation within drama workshops with students developing an understanding of how decisions and actions have consequences in future life. Students choose a character that is acted out through various scenarios over a succession of lessons. In dance students gain experience of street dance and are introduced to choreographic skills.
How parents can support: Encourage your child to watch dance and drama performances at theatres or on TV. Encourage your child to attend the BHA extra curricular clubs or performing arts activities outside of school hours.


DETAILS OF COURSE: BTEC Level 1 & 2 Award in Performing Arts



CONTENT OF COURSE: Students study three units of work.

Compulsory Unit

Individual Showcase

Specialist Units – Two Units from the choices below

Dance Skills

Preparation, performance and production


A BTEC qualification is a practical, work-related course. Students learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands. It introduces you to the employment area you have chosen and provides a good basis to go on to more advanced work-related qualifications.


Students will participate in technique classes and will learn a variety of dance styles. There will also be opportunities for student to present dance work within a performance environment. Students who opt for this subject are expected to have an excellent participation record in KS3 as this is a practically based course. The course is designed for enthusiastic, energetic students and it requires self-discipline and a great deal of motivation.


HOMEWORK: Homework may take the form of theoretical work for the subject and students will be required to complete End of Unit Assessment Tasks.


EXPECTATIONS: Students are required to work independently, in pairs, in groups and as part of a team. Students must be able to meet deadlines and full attendance is very important.

How parents can support: Encourage your child to watch dance and drama performances at theatres or on TV. Encourage your child to attend the BHA extra curricular clubs or performing arts activities outside of school hours.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Provided by Academy – Dance exercise book and folder

Essential – PE kit and students are encouraged to purchase dance shoes.

It will be useful to have a computer and Internet access at home for completion of homework and class work.



Extra Curricular Provision

The Performing Arts Department at Bristnall Hall Academy offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, to all students from Year 7 through to Year 13. All of these activities are designed to give students the opportunity to develop physical, social and personal skills outside the classroom and to support learning in the classroom.

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